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Toon TV

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Greetings deviantART users! You have just tuned in to the group channel named Toon-atopia, A.K.A The OFFICIAL group of Jean-Luc & Friends! Here, our cartoon characters work hard to provide the most UPBEAT and ENGAGING entertainment possible. We provide wondrous artwork for you to see, gut-busting comics to marvel at, vibrant worlds to get lost in, and luscious literature stories that delve more into the characters and the worlds they live in~!

Here in Toon-atopia, we provide specific categories for all types of cartoons, and on the other side, we even allow anime to get a foothold around here as well and mesh with our various cartoons! We've got categories for slapstick, ACTION, slice of LIFE, roleplay, an animation folder for all you animators out there, and SO MUCH MORE! We've even got group based on our admins' own creations so you can catch a glimpse of their works as well! All you have to do is look around and find your niche folder and get posting!

*If you have a full series of your own, and want to have your OWN separate folder for it, just ask me and I'll fulfill your wish!*

We at Toon-atopia want to provide a long-lasting experience for cartoonists and anime enthusiasts like you, because groups based on cartoons don't pretty long. So we hope that you all find it in your heart to help keep the friends alive~ You're what matter to us, and we want to get you to have some fun!

So come around! All members are welcome~! And you all get to have a commemorative "Be Toontastic" stamp just for joining!

Welcome to the world of imagination, and don't forget to...

Be Toontastic~!
Founded 3 Years ago
Oct 21, 2014


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Art Creation

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Physical Media

164 Members
151 Watchers
15,150 Pageviews
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Just because I haven't been active for the past two months, doesn't mean I'm dead!
It just means that things are just going really slow, and I'm unable to fully be as active to the group as I normally am.

HOWEVER! I have noticed some things around here.
For one, welcome to all of the new and recent members that HAVE joined the group in the past two months~ :) It's much appreciated that you joined,and here's the basic rules if you want to get started:…

Also, I have noticed a few things in the group recently, and I have to say some things:

1.) This is a group not just based on my cartoons, but on cartoons as a whole, as well as allowing creators to create their own kinds of cartoons here, and some other stuff like poetry, literature, and photography.
2.) Anime is allowed, but it is NOT the primary subject of this group. We don't want a clout of anime (or a clout of just photos, or just literature, and so on) overpowering a place for mainly cartoons. There has to be a balance, you know.
3.) If you wish to join the group, your artwork must be of at least decent quality in order to post here. I have had to reject some people trying to sneak in artwork that looked as if they didn't even attempt to draw. This is not a place to post simply memes (like MEME-memes. Not the kind like those "Draw this again" meme or whatever. If your comic has memes as a joke and such, that's perfectly fine. But if you're here just to post a "DAT BOI" or whatever new meme is out there, this is not the place for you) or the other kinds of postings found on the internet. There's groups dedicated to that, and it's not here.
4.) Fan-art is allowed, but things like "ORIGINAL SONIC OC/MLP OC SERIES" are not, should not, and have never been the focus of this group. We thrive off of originality, not piggybacking. (and I know some of you are going to point to some of my work, and I say that, "yes, I know that my stuff, isn't 100% original either," but I've grown it from being a fan-series with fan-characters to being something that looks and feels original. I appreciate my works from the past, and I'm glad that I made them to where even the characters are of their own instead being based on an existing licensed property. It's called "growing your artwork, and art style." Things may look similar to the past, but that's just time and proper redesigns have yet to entirely kick in.) The "Fan Art 'n' Fan Works" folder is mostly for fan-art of official media (tv/games/movies/etc.), or fellow artists' work.
*5.) Anything related to group-activities/announcements (not just when its posted as a featured journal, or when it's posted in "Topazluck's RP & Game Corner") is often ignored, and not even commented on or even attempted.* (more is explained below)
6.) If you're a member, and you're even invited and watched by me, be active and post to the group and get involved. I shouldn't have to hunt down for artworks and try to get permission for them to be in my group all the time.
*7.) Everyone keeps constantly ONLY posting to the FEATURED folder instead of the other ones* (more explained below)

And SECOND, I have noticed for a long time that people are just simply posting to the "Featured" folder, and then just leaving.

(from Number 7) *Listen, I appreciate that people are posting to the group at all, but I DO have different folders so that everyone has the chance to post their work
in categories that they believe their work properly belongs to. I don't always have the time to go in and organize the folders, especially when there's
SO MANY MEMBERS posting to that folder almost EVERYDAY. The featured section is only supposed to be for those whose artwork that the moderators,
and I, feel are up to par to be in that folder. If you happen to post it to featured because you're unsure of what do to, I will organize them to proper folders, but more importantly,
you should ask me. Send a note to either me or to the group.

(from Number 5) *Whenever there's a journal announcement, it mostly will be from me, my admins, or an admin from one of my affiliates in order to make events or important announcements. I've seen the group lose watchers simply to avoid getting clamored with all the artwork, but they end up missing out on events that may pop up here and there.
If there's a group event, attending and participating these groups allow the group itself to thrive, and bring the group together. You guys need to help me out because my admins are more busy nowadays, and I am currently unable to as active on DeviantArt as before.

Many times on this website that groups based on cartoons (even those based on cartoons everywhere, not just based on one person's artwork) either
die or get abandoned way too fast due to people just conjoining everything into one folder without variation, or just performing one action in a group instead of working with what ALL the group has to offer. You all need to work with what the group has, and especially communicate with the admins, or the founder of the group.  If not, then this place will just turn into another random cartoon group just for random people to dump their random artwork regardless if the quality is good or bad, then it will just die a quick death before it had a chance to even shine, and as long as I'm a member of this website and a creator of this group, I'm not letting that day come. If it comes to where this group has to be closed down, then that will be the option if there isn't anyway to properly keep it afloat. Don't make me have to come to that decision.

So please... if there's questions you have about the group, ASK the founder.
If there's a journal with important info, READ it.
If there's a new event or group contest, then PARTICIPATE.
It's mostly me just running this, so I really could use the help.
Comment on any and every journal posted, or SEND A NOTE to me so that I know that there is SOME type of response or communication around here.
If groups like ProjectComment, 3DShe-Youtube, and dAWishingWell can do it, then so can Toon-atopia.
As explained in my "Art Hiatus" journal (click here if you haven't read that yet:…), I'm not going to be very active as once before until a certain time (estimating to be May), so please do as much as you can to keep this group afloat. And if any of the admins are reading this too, then I IMPLORE you to make sure everyone follows the rules, and DOESN'T make the group fall under. We've lost enough watchers and members already, we don't want to make this group feel boring or stale.

Those are just a few important notes, I had to say. Overall, continue to post some wonderful and CARTOONY artwork, and don't forget to...

Be Toontastic~!
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Hey Hey! Guess who wanted to sponser/affiliate with all our fun. :D


Welcome to Toon-atopia, a toon world where toons of all kinds from all parts of the world live together in harmony, macabre, surreal, and abstract ways. A place where artists can show off their abstract side, and a place where adventures with friends can be a grand treat! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring anyone from ALL parts of the world as we celebrate our imaginative side. Don't worry, it won't hurt one bit. Join me, Mr. Toontastic, your show-runner and fantastic creator of this lovable little world, and my friends who happily decided to tag along as we keep this boat sailing. Get to know each other, you fabulous toons, for you all have a lot of adventures to have.

If you have any questions of any kind, or anything you want to suggest or know, send a note to the group here:…

Toontastic-stamp by KingCharEdCoal The Be Toontastic Stamp! by Mr-Toontastic <------- Here's two free stamps for all you beautiful people! :heart:







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